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Credit Repair and Credit Restoration in Atlanta, Georgia

Fico Coach is a credit repair company that is dedicated to quick results and safe financial service. We start by identifying your current situation and assessing your goals. You may have heard on recent television commercials that there are 3 bureaus of credit, each with their own credit score. The communities of Atlanta, Alpharetta and Marietta are able to access and view their scores through our custom client dashboard.

We do all the work. Are there disputes or potential settlements on your credit report? Our team of credit advisers are often able and willing to settle for pennies on the dollar or remove the negative items completely.

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After we smooth the rough edges, we are able to go to work helping you increase your credit based on experienced strategies.

We are very affordable and flexible. Pay either a one-time charge or sign up for monthly pricing!

New customers receive a Free Prepaid MasterCard. Many of our clients do not have a bank account due to negative history and the Prepaid MasterCard helps reconnect our customers to the financial world.

Your Financial Future in the Present

Credit restoration is possible. If you are in the greater Atlanta metro area including Alpharetta and Marietta Fico Coach is here to help.

Identity protection is paired with our credit repair services. We are in affiliation with one of the nations most trusted full service identity theft and notification companies. This will help prevent future credit issues before they happen as you will be notified each time your social security number is used.

If fraud is detected you can immediately dispute the action before the problem escalates.  

Our ability to protect you and your information also allows us to offer Will and Trust software. Our online portal provides simple navigation templates to help you easily construct a functional as well as legal wills and trusts for your estates. All wills and trusts that are created by clients receive a review from an estate attorney to advise on any additions or changes that should be made to further improve the will or trust.

If you have been looking for a simple, affordable and comfortable estate documentation service Fico Coach is the right choice. Fully binding estate documents without the costly expense, with the comfort of never leaving your own home. Call us today at - (678) 787-6637 to get started rebuilding your credit today. 

We would like to help inform and help you with your credit consulting needs.

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We Use The Latest Technology To Bring You Accessibility Online To Manage Your Credit Profile And Take Back Control Of Your Life.